Fix Your Computer - Program Section

NOTE : There is a lot of information listed below. It would be in your best interests to
print this
page so that you can read the directions as you install and use the programs.

Section One : Regaining Control of your Computer

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Program

The first program we will use will be Malwarebytes. This utility is one of the best but it is also the one program that the bad programs don't want you to have. Click the Blue "m" icon link on the left of this paragraph to take you to the download page. After you click the link, look at the top where your address bar is located. It must say exactly the following : "http://www.malwarebytes.com/" (without the quotation marks). If it says ANYTHING else, your computer has been severely infected and re-directed to a bad site. Do Not download any programs from a re-direct. You can try to obtain a clean copy from a friend or refer to the previous page for professional cleaning. If you do get the right website, download the program and install it. Then follow the directions and do a quick scan. You can go back later and do the full scan but right now we'll just use the quick scan. Once you have used Malwarebytes, come back to this page and continue on to the next program to further clean your computer.

SUPERAntiSpyWare Anti-Spy and Anti-Add Program

The second program we will be using is SUPERAntiSpyware. This will remove Spyware tracking software and Adware which is slowing down your computer. This is another utility that the bad programs don't want your computer to have. Click the Red "spy guy" link on your left and look at your address bar. It must say exactly the following : "http://www.superantispyware.com/" (without the quotation marks). If it says ANYTHING else, refer to the above instructions.
Once you download the program and install it, follow the directions and do a quick scan. You can go back later and do the full scan but right now we'll just use the quick scan. Once you have further cleaned your computer with SUPERAntiSpyWare come back to this page and we will move on to the next program.

Now that you are done "quick scanning" your computer with the above two programs, your computer should be more stable and somewhat faster. To further clean it you can do a full scan using both programs. A full scan will take significantly more time and you may want to do this later after checking out the virus program information below.

Section Two : Adequate Virus Protection

Which Virus Program Do I Use ?

The virus program industry has become a very big business. With so many programs and websites out there that can cause harm to your computer, a good virus program is absolutely essential to have. Before we investigate options, let's dispel a few myths.

Myth Number 1 : "If I use two virus programs I will have double protection".
This is NOT True. In fact, if you are using two virus programs your system is actually more vulnerable to attacks than just using a single one. The reason for this is that an anti-virus program is actually a virus itself, but it's a "good" virus. Very similar to the "good" bacteria in your body. The anti-virus program installs and controls the way the computer allows access to programs and websites and monitors them for suspicious activities. If you have more than one installed at a time they will fight each other and slow your computer down and potentially allow the "bad" viruses to get through.

Myth Number 2 : "A paid virus program is far superior to a free version"
Not necessarily True. The right free version provides enough protection for the average user. In fact, if you have paid for a virus program and let the subscription run out, You are NOT protected from the latest threats. If your subscription has run out, it will not update with the new virus definitions.

The best multi-purpose "free" anti-virus program which has the best performance and can be used across multiple platforms is Avast Anti-Virus. Before you download and install avast, you must uninstall any other virus programs you are currently using. This would include programs like "Avira" or "AVG". This is crucial and you can not fix your computer until you eliminate the ineffective virus program or programs you are currently using. Uninstall the virus program(s), then download and install Avast.

Avast Free Anti-Virus Software

No matter what your operating system is, I suggest using Avast Free Anti-Virus Software. In tests it is a great free Anti-Virus program that uses less system resources than other free Anti-Virus Programs. Using less system resources translates into faster computer performance while still providing great protection.  Remember to uninstall all virus programs you are currently using and then install this one. Click the orange "Avast" link at the left of this paragraph. After clicking the link make sure your address bar displays the following : "https://www.avast.com/en-us/free-antivirus-download" (without the quotation marks). If you are re-directed to another site, take your computer in for professional cleaning. After downloading and installing the program, follow the directions and do a scan. Then return to this website and proceed to the Peach colored section below for further cleaning software.
Section Three : Further Cleaning of your system

The final portion of this process is to clean out all of the junk files that your computer can accumulate during normal use. In addition we'll also look at fixing registry errors that can also slow down your computer.

Your browser stores files on the computer in what is called a cache. The purpose of the cache is to recall files quickly and help increase your browsers speed. After time, the cache can become so full that it actually hinders the performance of your computer. The program listed below will clean out all of the junk files that can accumulate after time.

In addition the program below can also fix registry errors. The registry is an index on your hard drive that keeps track of your settings and all of the programs that are installed. As you change your settings and programs are installed or uninstalled, the registry can develop errors. These errors are references to program elements that no longer exist on your system. The computer is basically searching for things that don't exist thus slowing the system down. The program below will fix those registry errors and help improve the performance of the machine.

NOTE : The program is very powerful and you must use it correctly to get the best results. ALSO - The program below is free but comes bundled with other software which pays for the developers. DO  NOT  install the bundled software.


By clicking the Red "C" Icon to the left you can download and install CCleaner. Follow these instructions carefully for the cleanest install. As noted at the top of the page, you may want to print these instructions out if you haven't done so already. Information is included on installing, using the cleaner, and using the program to fix any registry errors that you may have on your machine.

1) After downloading the file double click it to start the install.
2) Click the "Next" button at the introduction screen.
3) Click "I Agree" to the terms of use.
4) UNCHECK all of the boxes EXCEPT "Add desktop shortcut"
5) Look carefully at the screens as they are presented. Make sure that all boxes to install additional software ARE  NOT  CHECKED!!!    DO  NOT  ALLOW  things like Toolbars, Web Search Assistance, or any other types of 3rd party Software to be installed. The developers will change things from time to time, so it is important that you look at each screen, and read each screen, to make the right decisions and get the cleanest install.
6) VERY IMPORTANT - This Software is "Free" but comes bundled with other Software which you do not want. Read each screen carefully and only install CCleaner !

Using the Cleaner

1) Double click on the C Icon from your desktop
3) Look at the bottom right of the white screen and click "Run Cleaner" and click "OK" to proceed.

The program will begin cleaning up all of the "junk" files that are on your system. This process can take anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes depending on what it finds and how many files it has to delete. It is a good idea to use this program every month or so to keep your computer clean.

Using the Registry Fixer

2) Look on the far left hand side of the screen. You will see blue boxes with the word "Registry" underneath.
3) Click the Registry Icon.
4) Look at the bottom left of the white screen and click "Scan for Issues"
5) Once the scan is done, look on the bottom right of the white screen and click "Fix Selected Issues"
6) It isn't necessary to make a backup of the registry so click "No"
7) Click "Fix All Selected Issues"
8) If the program found a lot of errors, (more than 10), you may want to re-boot your computer.

!!!  Using the other Tools with the CCleaner  !!!

1) WARNING - If you are not an ADVANCED computer user that knows what you are doing, I DO NOT recommend using any of the other tools. You can damage your computer.
2)  If you decide to use them - I  TAKE  NO  RESPONSIBILITY  FOR  YOUR  COMPUTER.
3) Seriously - They are very powerful programs and you MUST know what you are doing.

You're Done !!

Well that should do it. If you were able to download the applications above and used them correctly your computer should be almost like new. If you are still having problems you may want to take an additional look at the tool bars or applications that you have installed. If there are additional programs on your computer that were neat little apps and were free, remove the ones you don't absolutely need.

If you are still having trouble after that, try using a full system scan with each of the programs listed above. If that doesn't solve the problem then there may be something seriously wrong with your computer or operating system. In this case the computer will need to be professionally cleaned. Go back to the previous page for my recommendation on Uptech Computers and their location.

To keep your computer healthy, use the programs that you have installed on a monthly basis to keep your computer working efficiently. Use the full scan whenever possible for the best results. Note : When using the free versions of the above programs you may occasionally get advertisements asking you to upgrade to the paid full version. You can do that if you want to but it really isn't necessary. Just ignore and click off the nag screen.

Finally - For those people that know me, they would all go along with the observation that I am Very "Frugal". No - I'm not "cheap", but I think that when it comes to anyone's finances, you should get the most for your money. The one program that I have found that delivers on this claim is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Real Time Protection. It is a yearly investment of $39.99 per year which will protect your computer from malicious software and just in case your Anti-Virus program is behind the times, Malwarebytes will stop the infection. Yes, it is just that good. It is the first program listed at the top of this page and the one program that I myself have paid for and am very happy with. Pay $39.99 one time per year and have peace of mind that it will stop every threat so you don't need to spend $500 on a new computer. NO - I am not a paid spokesperson for this product, just a very happy user of the program. Malwarebytes is just like paying for insurance on your valuable assets. And just look at it this way, If you have auto or home insurance, you want to be protected in case of a catastrophe, BUT, Malwarebytes will not let that catastrophe happen as it protects your computer from everything !!!! Even if the anti-virus program fails -- Malwarebytes will protect your computer from all threats.
Happy Computing !!!

... John ...